Robert: In the future, in the subject box, but the subject. In this case it could be
English, or English, pls check

Both slang and colloquialisms are acceptable when tow friends are speaking or writing to one another, but slang and colloquialisms are not acceptable in formal contexts.
my thing did not post so I will try again!
2. I didn’t study last night, and now /the fat is really in the fire./
I didn’t study last night, and now I am going to fail
3. Delmore /knocked himself out /cleaning up the apartment before his parents arrived.
DElmore tired himself out by cleaning up the apartment before his parents arrived.

6. Mr. Roberts sat like a bump on a log through the entire meeting.
Iam unsure about this one!

Number 2 and 3 are correct.
FOr number 6 I am not sure either sorry!

delmore was very tired because he had finished cleaning up the apartment, before his parents arrived.

Mr. Roberts was in a very alert posture during the entire meeting.


The phrase "like a bump on a log" is slang -- meaning he sat there and was silent and useless.


bump can also mean upright posture and alert. depends on how you view the slang meaning.

depends on what you want your slang word to mean. Oh BUMP.

Kevin: We don't go to school to learn how to use slang. Slang is the language of the uneducated, or of social outsiders. Most kids aim higher than that. Avoid trying to make slang fit into your communications. Aim for the top rung.

what made you assume that,I was just highlighting the various instances a slang word can be used. one can interpret it within a broad range as you mentioned. slang is not formal and thus can be altered and has no formal relevance or political or social place.:)

How about like a lump on a log, that is an old term.

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