college level math

on april 30,(day 0) there will ve 2500 lovebugs living in marion county. the number of lovebugs living in marion county will then increase at a rate of 9percent everyday since april 30.

a)find the equation for the number of lovebugs living in marion county as a function of time t where t=0 corresponds to april 30

b) use the equation to predict how many lovebugs will be in marion county on may 17.

c) use the equation to find how many days it will take for there to be 100,000lovebugs in marion county

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  1. 2500 (1.09)^n

    if n = 17
    2500(1.09)^17 = 10,819

    100,000 = 2500 * (1.09)^n
    40 = 1.09^n
    log 40 = n log 1.09
    n = 42.8 or about 43 days

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