A robust first grader goes for swimming lessons three times a week, and he enjoys it thoroughly. During the first week of December, he develops an upper respiratory infection, starts coughing continuously, and has a high fever of 39°C. His condition remains the same even after five days of bed rest and conservative measures. Eventually, his mother decides to take him to the doctor who diagnoses it as an acute case of middle ear infection (otitis media), and prescribes amoxicillin for his treatment. He weighs 44lb, and the daily dose of amoxicillin for the treatment of the ear infection is 30mg/kg per day in divided doses every 12 hours.
Determine the patient’s body temperature in Fahrenheit.

Determine his dosage of amoxicillin in mg. per single dose.

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  1. 39C*(9/5)+32 = degrees F.
    Approximately 102.
    Convert 44 lb to kg. There are 453.6 g in 1 pound and 1000 g in a kg. You should end up with approximately 20 kg. Then
    20 kg x (30 mg/kg) = approximately 600 mg/day and divide that by 2 for the single dose.

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  2. thank you

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