Although the abscess was incised and drained in the emergency room and cultures were obtained, which grew coag-positive staphylococcus.

which of the below holds good for the above sentence.

1.This is a run-on that needs a semicolon after time.

2. This is a run-on that needs to be split into two separate sentences.

3.This is a fragment that can be fixed by adding a comma after incised.

4.This is a fragment that can be fixed by removing the word although.
The sentence is fine as it is.

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  1. See my previous answer for this question.

  2. I would go with 4. Removing "Although" makes it an acceptable but rather confusing sentence. The word "which" apparently applies to the cultures (NOT the emergency room and cultures). I am not sure if the comma in front of "which" is necessary or correct. The comma should be placed after "emergency room".

    It would be better as two sentences.

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  3. It looks as if Jennifer/Martha/Troy/Deeksha/mike/melody/kristin/nicole can't figure out who he/she really is. That's probably why he/she didn't read Ms. Sue's previous answer.

  4. The hospitalization was prolonged because of the absence of any good choices for oral medications to treat his UTI.

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