A 3.00-liter aluminum cylinder at 5.00°C is filled to the brim with gasoline at the same temperature. If the aluminum and gasoline are warmed to 52.0°C, how much gasoline spills out? [Hint: Be sure to account for the expansion of the container. Also, ignore the possibility of evaporation, and assume the volume coefficients are good to three digits. where the average coefficient of linear expansion of aluminum is 24x10^-6 degrees C^-1 and the average coefficient of volume expansion of gasoline is 9.6x10^-4 degrees C^-1

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  1. new volume of the gasonline= (9.6E-4*47 + 1)3=3.14liters

    new volume of aluminum cylinder:

    if one assumes the change in radius is proportional to change in height, then

    newV=V*(1+3*24E-6*47)3=3.01 1liters

    so the difference in the change in volumes is ....

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