social studies

What MAJOR cultural contributions has Germany made to the American People?

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  1. The Germans have supplied a large number of immigrants to the U.S. Their habits of hard work and pragmatism are part of the American culture today.

    Also -- their philosophies, classical music, scientific knowledge, and language have enriched our country.

  2. Ms. Sue, the American Dollar came from Germany as far as the derivation of its name AND it was based on large beautifully made German silver coins called 'Thalers' which are pronounced in German as tall ers a very similar sound to the anglicized 'Dollars'. Of course these German silver coins were very prevalent in the colonies. And there is a very interesting true story in that also. Also, Ms. Sue, German immigrants living in the Indianapolis area of America were responsible for introducing the idea of physical education to the American School system in the 1800s.

    Your answers Ms. Sue, were good but too generalized as I am sure you will admit the Dollar and physical education are much more specific than your examples.

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  3. How did some people hope to solve the problem of California's islation from the rest of the country?

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