Math-Algebra 1

I need help with a pizzaz work sheet ASAP if i don't get this done i am on the verge of failing math and repeating 9th grade. its Pizzaz 11.10

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  1. If you post a couple of the problems here, we'll try to help you.

  2. erge

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  3. The area of a rectangular plot 24 feet long and 16 feet wide will be doubled by adding an equal distance to each side of the plot. What is the distance added to each side

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  4. You know the rule that integers that do not divide evenly by two are odd integers. 51 is not divisible by 2. You conclude that 51 is odd.

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  5. y=5x/7+4

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  6. Your Mama

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  7. This is so hard she won't even help us on it im just going to fail this homework😂😂💯💯

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