You walk 1130m east and then 950m south in a total time of 22min .
Compute your displacement.
Enter the east and south components of the displacement separated by a comma.
Compute your average velocity in m/s .

Enter the east and south components of the velocity separated by a comma.

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  1. D(X,Y) = D(1130,-950)m.

    tanA = Y/X = -950/1130 = -8407,
    A = -40.05 Deg, CW = -40.05 + 360 = 320
    Deg, CCW.

    D = X/cosA = 1130 / cos320 = 1475m @
    320 deg = Displacement.

    t = 22min * 60s/min = 1320s.

    V = D/t = 1475m @ 320deg / 1320s =
    1.12m/s @ 320deg.

    V(h) = 1.12cos320 = 0.856m/s = hor comp. of Velocity.

    V(v) = 1.12sin320 = -0.720m/s = ver
    comp of Velocity.


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