Cultural Diversity

Since the Hernandez family has experienced discrimination, hardship, and recent bullying in their neighborhood, Mr. Hernandez has enrolled his sons in the YMCA martial arts class. He would consider this action proper on the basis of the need to defend the: (Points: 5)
dignidad de la familia (the family's self-respect).
dignidad de la persona (his sons' personal self-respect).
interests of the Hispanic brotherhood.
boys as they go through an important rite of passage from childhood to manhood.

5. __________ of the environment is a learning approach proposed by influential child development theorists. It advocates that adults should be responsive to children and highly interactive with them. (Points: 5)
Low-context interpretation
Interpersonal transformation
Multi-dimensional construction
Social mediation

6. The language learning approach of certain non-mainstream cultures seems to require children to __________ the code of human speech. (Points: 5)

7. A mother's eventual submission to her young child's repeated requests for the toy matchbox car in the hobby shop is representative of the __________ parenting style. (Points: 5)
laissez faire

8. Which one of the following examples best characterizes the use of autonomous language? (Points: 5)
Mary, age four, says to her mother, "I would like a banana, please," instead of pointing or using other sounds and gestures to get the banana.
When three-year-old Alfonso is thirsty, he points to the water faucet or to an empty glass.
Four-year-old Ling shows her appreciation for a treat her mother has given her by smiling and nodding her head up and down.
At three, Jeremy has learned to say, "banana," with the correct pronunciation of all three syllables.

9. Children whose interests and motivations gravitate to observing others at play and experiencing the world through music and sensory media pose a quite divergent view of child development from the notion of the "__________ concept" that is central to Western theories about normal child development. (Points: 5)

10. Ms. Smith's time spent with Jimmy reviewing his concept cards and number games to ensure that he has learned the material exemplifies: (Points: 5)
social promotion.
achievement press.
core values.

11. Ms. Taylor is an African-American single mother. She has asked her closest neighbors, friends, and family on Elmwood Drive to help her by correcting her son Matthew when they see him misbehaving. This childrearing practice is indicative of the concept of: (Points: 5)
pro bono.
family guardianship.
in loco parentis.
oversight caretaking.

12. Despite the overwhelming number of Asian subcultures, child-rearing characteristics typical in many Asian groups reflect the influence of which two primary factors? (Points: 5)
Religion and Philosophy
Art and Music
History and Literature
Science and Education

13. Which one of the following examples typifies patrilineal authority? (Points: 5)
In the Gallindo family, the mother makes the majority of decisions, including how the children should be raised and, when necessary, disciplined.
The Smith family consists of a father and mother and four children, with ages ranging from five to fifteen. The family prides itself on the effectiveness of family meetings during which they discuss parent-child and child-child problems.
Liván is a single, divorced dad. He has custody of his two sons every other weekend. While the boys are with him, he conscientiously enforces the disciplinary rules set by his estranged wife.
Mr. and Mrs. Chang expect their children to develop a close relationship with their father's relatives, know his family history and ancestry, and accept their father's wishes about their career choices.

14. Confucian values, such as reciprocity and obligation, influence the Asian family's child-rearing practices and instruction in the tradition of: (Points: 5)
personal sacrifice.
filial piety.
ancestor worship.
national deity.

15. Which one of the following statements is consistent with child-rearing practices in the Latino culture? (Points: 5)
There is strong reliance on family affiliation and cooperation, fighting among siblings is not accepted, and expression of negative emotions by women is discouraged.
Children are taught to honor their father's ancestors and to let their father make their career decisions.
Parents urge their children to defend themselves, even if physical force becomes necessary.
In Latino families, speaking English using proper vocabulary and grammar is seen as essential to finding a place in mainstream society.

16. Ms. Bates, the early childhood teacher, has a parent conference this afternoon with Mrs. Josefina Valdez. Being sensitive to the Latino culture, Ms. Bates plans to begin the conference by: (Points: 5)
not shaking hands or touching Mrs. Valdez in any way, because Latinos do not wish to have physical contact with anyone outside their own extended family.
speaking respectfully, but not making eye contact, because the Latino culture considers eye contact too forward and direct and therefore disrespectful.
engaging in small talk and pleasantries, then asking a few questions about other family members whom she knows.
getting right to the business at hand, because Latinos do not like to exchange pleasantries with an outsider, not even with their children's teachers.

17. Ms. Smith, Juan Martinez's teacher, is preparing for a parent-teacher conference with Mr. and Ms. Martinez. She decides to ask what goals the parents have for their son. Which one of the following statements best represents the answer Ms. Smith will probably receive? (Points: 5)
The parents will tell Ms. Smith that they want Juan to speak English fluently.
Mrs. Martinez will tell Ms. Smith that their primary concern for Juan is that he will receive a high-quality academic education and someday attend college.
Mr. Martinez, in particular, will express concern that his son's education will focus on age-appropriate developmental skills.
The parents will express the hope that Juan will get along with all the children at school and be kind and polite to everyone.

18. Native American collectivist society places great emphasis on: (Points: 5)
interpersonal friendship.
the nuclear family.
the extended family.
tribal community.

19. Ms. Graybear has chosen to send Ralph Graybear's Aunt Raven to the school conference to represent the family. Ms. Graybear wants the teacher to tell the aunt what can be done if Ralph needs disciplining. This __________ communication pattern is one example of the Native American culture's use of community support in child-rearing. (Points: 5)

20. Mainstream early educators seeking to support a Native American child with a disability may quickly learn this key belief of that culture is: (Points: 5)
a child's personality and ability are fixed at birth.
no child is considered disabled, no matter how severe the impairments are.
nature will heal the child in due time.
not much will be expected of this child, so formal education is largely wasted on a child with disabilities.

i have no book it is on back order, any kind of help will help me thanks

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  1. Please do not try to do the assignments until AFTER you have read the book.

    We do not supply answers.


  2. thanks

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  3. 16 is a

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  4. the lanaguage learning approach of certain non-mainstream cultures seems to require children to do what in regards to human speech

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  5. help with #8

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  6. which one of the folliwing example best characterizes the use autonomous kanguage

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  7. help with autonomous language

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  8. 5.D 6.C 7.D 8.D 9.B 10. C 11.C 12.A 13.D 14.B 15.A 16.C 17.D 18. D 19.B 20.A

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  9. Which of the following does NOT reflect the patriarchal roll of the father in latino families.
    A. The father feels the responsibility to be the protector.
    B. The farther feels his honor is at stake if he does not provide for his family's well-being.
    C. The farther focuses his attention on his wife and excerpt her to take care of the children.
    D. The father maybe defined by machismo-exaggerated masculinity, sexual virility, and aggressiveness

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  10. Is the answer D?

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