I got this of this web site but I don't understand where it all goes. this is the one I am working on. I need help.

Part 1

For Year Ended December 31, 2005
Trial Balance
Adjustments Adjusted
Trial Balance
Account Title Dr. Cr. Dr. Cr. Dr. Cr.
Cash 13,000 13,000
Accounts receivable (e) 9,100 9,100
Supplies 5,500 (b) 2,800 2,700
Equipment 130,000 130,000
Accumulated depreciation--Equipment

Interest payable (c) 1,250 1,250
Salaries payable (a) 900 900
Unearned member fees 14,000 (d) 8,400 5,600
Notes payable 50,000 50,000
T. Allen, Capital 58,250 58,250
T. Allen, Withdrawals 20,000 20,000
Member fees earned 53,000 (d)
(e) 8,400
9,100 70,500

Depreciation expense—
Equipment (f) 12,500 12,500
Salaries expense 28,000 (a) 900 28,900
Interest expense 3,750 (c) 1,250 5,000
Supplies expense ______ ______ (b) 2,800 _____ 2,800 ______
Totals 200,250 200,250 34,950 34,950 224,000 224,000

Part 2 (all adjusting entries dated December 31, 2005)
(a) Salaries Expense 900
Salaries Payable 900
To record accrued salaries.
(b) Supplies Expense 2,800
Supplies 2,800
To record cost of consumed supplies.
(c) Interest Expense 1,250
Interest Payable 1,250
To record accrued interest expense.
(d) Unearned Member Fees 8,400
Member Fees Earned 8,400
To record earned fees.
(e) Accounts Receivable 9,100
Membership Fees Earned 9,100
To record accrued revenues.
(f) Depreciation Expense, Equipment 12,500
Accumulated Depreciation, Equipment 12,500
To record depreciation.

Part 3 (all reversing entries dated January 1, 2006)
(a) Salaries Payable 900
Salaries Expense 900
To reverse accrued salaries.
(c) Interest Payable 1,250
Interest Expense 1,250
To reverse accrued interest expense.
(e) Member Fees Earned 9,100
Accounts Receivable 9,100
To reverse accrued revenues.
Part 4
Jan. 4 Salaries Expense 1,600
Cash 1,600
To record payroll.
15 Interest Expense 1,500
Cash 1,500
To record interest payment.
31 Cash ($9,100 + $8,000) 17,100
Member Fees Earned 17,100
To record collection of membership fees.

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  1. You might want to keep the following accounting tutorials handy:


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  2. If you found your information from 2007 on Jiskha, you should note that the question was posted, but there was no answer.

    Please see my previous responses to your questions today.

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