21) The number of oil spills occurring off the Alaskan coast

A) Discrete B) Continuous

Find the odds.
22) When a single card is drawn from an ordinary 52-card deck, find the odds in favor of getting a red 10 or a black 6.

A) 2: 25 B) 1 : 13 C) 1 : 25 D) 1 : 12

23) If the probability that an identified hurricane will make a direct hit on a certain stretch of beach is 0.01, what are the odds against a direct hit?

A) 98: 1 B) 99 : 1 C) 100 : 1 D) 1 : 100

Solve the problem.
24) The odds in favor of a storm are 4 to 1. What is the probability that a storm will occur?
A) 4 B) C) D)

Find the odds.
25) Two cards are drawn without replacement from an ordinary deck of 52 playing cards. What are the odds in favor of drawing two queens?

A) 1 : 220 B) 220 : 1 C) 1 : 168 D) 1 : 221

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  2. 21.A

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  3. 24.D

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  4. 22. number of red tens = 2
    number of black 6's = 2
    number of your event = 4

    prob (red10 or black 6) = 4/52
    prob (NOT(red10 or black6)) = 48/52

    odds in favour of (red10 or black6) = (4/52) / (48/52)
    = 4/48
    = 1 : 12

    which is D

    24. odds in favour of storm = 4 : 1
    so prob of storm is 4/5

    prob of QQ = (4/52)(3/51) = 1/221
    prob not QQ = 220/221

    odds in favour of QQ = (1/221) / (220/221)
    = 1 : 220
    which is A

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