I would really like help for this question ASAP! pleasee! I thank you ahead of time.

The question refers to an experiment using equal volumes of O2 gas and three other gases "X", "Y", "Z", at the same temperature and pressure. If the respective masses are: 02 = 0.96g X = 1.92g "Y" = 0.90g "Z" = 0.48g. The molecular mass of gas "Z" in g is:

a. 1.0
b. 16
c. 32
d. 44
e. 121

Gas "Y" could be which of the following?

a. butane (C4H10)
b. oxygen
c. NO
d. Nitrogen
e. SO2

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  1. The idea is equal volumes at equal pressures have the same number of moles

    so mol mass is going to be directly proportional to mass


    for Y, molmass= 32*.90/.96 which leads to the correct formula weigh among the choices.

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