ALgebra 1

im doing a webquest on mt everest in math class.
im almost done. i just need help with this
8. There have been many deaths in an attempt to climb Mount Everest. Make a timeline starting from the first attempted summit through 2004. Indicate the number of summits each year and the number of deaths and the ratio of summits to deaths. Calculate the total number of summits, deaths, and summit-to-death ratio at the bottom of the table.

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  1. How would you like us to help you with this question?

  2. how do i calculate the total number of summits, deaths, and summit-to-death ratio at the bottom of the table.

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  3. I assume you have the number of summits and the number of deaths for each year.

    If, for instance there were 10 summits and 1 death in year x, then your ratio is 10 to 1.

  4. no i don't have the number of summits and death because i don't know where to look for that.. do u know a website ms.sue?

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  6. THANKKKKK YOU!! okay 1 last question lol. if in 2004 69 summits and 11 deaths what is the ratio (Summits to death) how do i solve the problem.

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  7. You're welcome.

    69 : 11

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