ANT 101

How does the identification of cultural universals impact our understanding of what it means to be human?

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  1. This article will help you articulate your answer to this question.

  2. The process of cultural transmission from one generation to another is called: (Points : 1)

    2. Race has no biological basis but is a cultural construct. (Points : 1)

    3. Ethnographic methods are to ethnological methods as: (Points : 1)
    the humanities are to the sciences.
    fieldwork is to laboratory experiments.
    description is to comparison.
    nature is to culture.

    4. Which of the following is not a part of cultural relativism? (Points : 1)
    We should view other ways of acting, thinking and feeling as just as valid as those of our own culture.
    This approach requires that the anthropologist search for the rationality of actions and beliefs that seem puzzling.
    We should not view foreign lifeways as inferior to our own.
    Anthropologists should not have personal opinions or make judgments.

    5. Because most known societies prohibit incest, it can be considered: (Points : 1)
    a religious issue.
    a cultural universal.
    a biologically driven instinct.
    an ethnocentric behavior.

    6. A benefit of using __________ is that people cannot change their behaviors after the fact. (Points : 1)
    archival research.
    participant observation.
    time allocation studies.

    7. The primary responsibility of the anthropologist is to: (Points : 1)
    report all the facts collected in the field, no matter how unflattering to the people studied.
    ensure that no harm comes to the people studied as a result of the anthropologist’s research.
    respect the laws of the host government no matter how oppressive they might be.
    conduct herself in such a way while doing fieldwork that future anthropologists wishing to study the same people will be welcomed.

    8. The core method of social and cultural anthropology is participant observation. (Points : 1)

    10. The changing American belief from tanned skin being healthy to tanned skin being related to skin cancer is an example of culture being: (Points : 1)

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  3. A, A,b,b,d

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  4. 1.

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  5. The process of cultural transmission from one generation to another is called:

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  6. question for week 2 quiz

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