Canadian Pacific Railway

How did the CPR employment practices discriminate agnst Chinese workers? Why do you suppose Chinese railway workers decided to remain separated from the other workers?

They were paid 1 dollar a day for the work they did, which was less than half the salary paid to white workers. The CPR was racist towards the Chinese, and didn’t have good working conditions.

I suppose because they didn’t want to hear any nasty remarks about themselves from those workers.
Have i got it right? And why else suppose?

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  1. You're right.

    The other workers made fun of the Chinese and at times were violent toward them.

    By the way -- the same thing happened to the Chinese railroad workers in the U.S.

  2. Poor those chinese people, when did they actually get accepted?

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  3. Have you ever wondered why San Francisco and Vancouver have the two largest "China Towns" in North America?

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  4. Oh and I'll add, they also did more heavy work than the white people, which the white people avoided.

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  5. Oh yeah! That explains everything =D Thanks Reiny =)

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