How do you write the following sentence grammatically correct:

At mcdonalds we devoured 4 big macs three orders of french fries and five coca colas for lunch.

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asked by Julie
  1. You need to have proper capitalization and some commas.

    Please rewrite it as you think it should be done, and we'll check it for you.


  2. At McDonald's, we devoured four Big Macs, three orders of French fries, and five Coca Colas for lunch.

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  3. You're right. :-)

  4. At McDonald's, we devoured four Big Macs, three orders of french fries, and five Coca-Colas for lunch.

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    posted by Julie
  5. Thank you, I'll give it a try!

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    posted by Julie
  6. Well, the practice test is automatically scored and it keeps telling me I'm wrong. I've entered it as many ways as I can for over a week (I'm practicing twice daily), and I can't get it right!!

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    posted by Julie
  7. This is the correct sentence:

    At McDonald's, we devoured four Big Macs, three orders of French fries, and five Coca Colas for lunch.

    Your test's style manual may want to delete the comma after McDonald's. Short introductory prepositional phrases don't need a comma -- unless it makes the sentence clearer.

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