Logo of L'Oreal is L'Oreal. Does it have a trademark?

Is the slogan for this product - "Because you're worth it"

And does L'Oreal mean anything? I have to answer the question that how do the logo, brand name, and slogan create the brand image?

The Slogan is really powerful. It will make any girl want to just go and grab the product.

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  1. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/loreal

    Interesting definition!!

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  2. Whatever L'Oreal originally meant has been lost. We don't know.


  3. So the Definition is saying that it uses animal products to attract animal lovers????

    Okay that's alright. Can any of you look at my answer and tell me how the slogan, and logo create the brand image?

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  4. No, not animal products!!

    "Of or pertaining to the lore; -- said of certain feathers of birds, scales of reptiles, etc."

    Feathers and scales are the coverings of animals (birds and reptiles) and they're considered beautiful

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  5. Oh, sorry, misread the definition. Wow that is so true. Especially the feathers.

    The slogan I checked out again, and I believe they have changed it from ...
    "Because you're worth it" TO "Because we're worth it"

    But how has this created a stronger effect on people? The first one sounds better doesn't it?

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  6. "We" is a more inclusive word than "you" or "I."

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  7. Because the French are so precise, "loreal" would not satisfy them. It would have to be L'Oréal, with the accent. In the "dictionnaire de l'Académie française" which decides what IS French and what is NOT, there is no definition. Perhaps it is based on the word "l'or" which is gold. if "you are worth it" which WAS the original slogan the most precious thing is "gold." That is just my personal guess!

    Sra (aka Mme)

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  8. P.S. Because L'Oréal was founded in 1909, the question might be: "Who stole from whom?" Perhaps the Beatles stole it from L'Oréal!

    Sra (aka Mme)

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