If 0.500 L of a 0.600 M SnSO4 solution is electrolyzed for a period of 30.00 min using a current of 4.60 A and inert electrodes, what is the final concentration of each ion remaining in the solution?

(Assume that the volume of the solution does not change)

I wanted to use the nernest equation but I'm a confused on how to do that. I know I also have to write a balanced equation. But I'm thinking that since I have the volume then I can use the PV = nRT.

I really need help for just this one problem, thanks I appreciate this.

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  1. amperes x seconds/96,485 = Faradays and 1F which will convert 118.7/2 grams Sn from SnSO4 to Sn(SO4)2. Convert grams to moles and moles/L = M for Sn(SO4)2. For SnSO4, subtract moles converted from initial moles and change to molarity.
    I don't think PV = nRT will do anything for you and I don't believe you need to use the Nernst equation.

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  2. Okay thanks a lot, i really do appreciate this. have a good day

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