I really don't know how to express questions n. 1-2 better. Can you please help me?

1) How are Joyce's Dubliners arranged and what are its two recurrent themes?
2) What features have all the characters in Joyce's "Dubliner" have in common?
3) In Joyce's Dubliners, all the characters experience a sense of stagnation for various reasons and are unable to break the chains that bind them.
4) Their inability to act is mainly because of the unhappiness and loneliness caused by an unsuccessful marriage, an unfulfilling job, or the lack of friendship.
5) They are spiritually weak and afraid people.
They are tied to their pasts because of limited cultural and social traditions.
6) However, they are either unaware of their limits, or they accept them passively. At a certain point in their lives, they experience an epiphany, a sudden revelation which makes them understand themselves better.
7) However, they don't pursue this revelation, but passively continue with their lives as before.

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  1. 2. has "Dubliners" in quotes but 2. does not. Would you like to be consistent? Well, 3. doesn't either!

    4. by unsuccessful marriages OR by an unsuccessful = just a suggestion

    5) afraid OF people? You probably mean "afraid people" here, right?

    "as we lead lives of quiet desperation?"


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