I left out the following three sentences on the same theme. Thank you.

1) The moral of this novel is that every excess must be punished and reality cannot be escaped: when Dorian destroys the picture, he cannot avoid the punishment of all his sins, that is, death.
2) The horrible, corrupting (or corrupt?) picture could be seen as a symbol of the immorality and bad conscience of the Victorian middle class, while Dorian and his pure, innocent appearance are the symbols of bourgeois hypocrisy.
3) Finally the picture, restored to its original beauty, illustrates Wilde's theories of art: art survives people, art is eternal.

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  1. 1. Capital W needed

    2. corrupt - all else is OK

    3. Finally, after being restored to its original beauty, the picture illustrates Wilde's theories of art: Art survives people; art is eternal.

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