Community Nursing

I need helpl in determining how to complete this paper
Neighborhood hospital ED sees critical capacities by By: G. Johnson

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  1. What???

  2. I am just as confused. This is a community nursing class and out of this article
    I must write a paper and tell if it is adequately explained, the type of STYLE and if the article is comprehensive, accurate, and/or persuasive, and if it is a Public or community health issue. All that from the amount of information below.

    Flu deaths expected to rise by N. Mckinney

    Health officials are preparing for the worst this flu season, claiming that they expect flu-related deaths will increase. Officials maintain that the groups most at risk for flu and dying from the sickness are the elderly, those with chronic health conditions and infants. Last year numerous people died from the flu statewide five from the surrounding area alone. Health professionals have tried to create a salience with health fairs but they fear it will not be enough to curb flu-related deaths.

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  3. There are some links for other Johnsons. I suggest you go through the promising-looking ones to see if anything will help:

    As for the second, about the flu, try here:


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  4. Thanks

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