math/mathmate please answer or someone smart!!

can you explain pie to me i'm in y7 and want to get ahead!

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  1. Pie is a baked good with a crust made of flour and shortening. It's filled with fruit or meat and vegetables and baked in an oven.

    Do you mean the mathematical term "pi?"

  2. Here is a very simple way to explain it.

    Consider any circle, the top of a coffee can or soup can will do.
    Hold a string along the diameter of the can.
    You will be able to fold that length around the can π times.
    that is, three times and "a bit" left over.

    that "bit left over" will be the decimal part of the value of π


    Fold a string around a can and measure its length, that is called the circumference.
    Measure the diameter of the can
    Divide the circumference by the diameter, you will get an approximation of π

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