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on my school fee sheet it says i must pay 90.00.. but i don't know what the student activity fee is for, it's 10.00. Can you pleese tell me what the student activity fee is for?

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  1. Your best source of information for this question is the school's financial office.

  2. i know but i must pay them on monday... and i don't know how much i need to pay if i don't know what the student activity fee is for?

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  3. Um can someone pleese help???

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  4. I don't understand your problem. You owe $90. Period.

    You can find out later what the purpose of the $10 charge for activity fee.

    Jiskha is not connected in any way with any school. We don't know what school you're in -- nor in what state or country you reside.

  5. WOW!:(

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