Can someone check my answers?

1. 3/c - 4/3c = 5/3c

2. -3t/t-4 - 2t+4/4-t = -2t-4/t-4

3. z/3z^2 + 4/7z = 19/21z

4. 5x/2x-6 + x+2/3-x = 4x-2/2x-6 or 2(2x-1)/2(x-3)

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  1. 1. write it as 5/(3c)

    2. I will assume it is
    -3t/(t-4) - (2t+4)/(4-t)
    = -3t/(t-4) + (2t+4)/(t-4)
    = (-t+4)/(t-4)

    3. write it as 19/(21z)

    4. Again, I will assume you meant
    5x/(2x-6) + (x+2)/(3-x)
    = 5x/(2(x-3)) - (x+2)/(x-3)
    = (5x - 2(x+2))/(2(x-3))
    = (3x- 4)/(2(x-3))

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