Find the minimum value of 9Tan^2x + 4Cot^2x.

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  1. take the derivative and set that equal to zero

    let y = 9tan^2 x + 4cot^2 x
    dy/dx = 18tanx(sec^2x) + 8cotx(-csx^2x)
    = 0

    18(sinx)/(cosx)(1/cos^2x) + 8(cosx/sinx)(-1/sin^2x) = 0
    18sinx/cos^3x) - 8cosx/sin^3x = 0
    18sinx/cos^3x) = 8cosx/sin^3x
    18sin^4x = 8cos^4x
    sin^4x/cos^4x = 8/18
    tan^4x = 4/9
    tanx = ± (4/9)^.25 = ± .8165 appr.

    set calculator to radians,
    x = .6847 or π-.6847 or π+.6847 or 2π-.6847

    sub each of those into original to see which one gives the smaller value

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  2. Let z=tan^2(x), z>0
    F'(z)=9-4/z^2, F'(z)=0 if z=2/3

    (corresponding value of x exists)

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