Please unscramble these Spanish words mincara, carbaa, tauerdis, tagsur, suar, qarilaul, caars, sotrecnat, piormcatr, bajra, gelral.

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  1. We HELP here but we do not DO your work for you! Here's a good way to "attack" this.

    1. line up the vowels (a, e, i, o, u)
    2. line up the consonants
    3. count the letters
    4. think of the vocabulary that you have been studying
    5. try letter combinations

    1. a a i
    2. c m n r
    3. 7 letters
    4. depends upon text, vocabulary
    5. I have it already. Do you?

    Now YOU try them, post them if you have time, and I'll be happy to check them for you.


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  2. Carbaa

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