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How will the equilibrium: Heat energy + CH4 + 2H2S = CS2 + 4H2 be affected by the following?

a) A decrease in temperature?
b) The addition of H2
c) The removal of some CH4
d) An increase in the volume of the container
e) The addiotion of a catalyst.

i know that [CH4] goes up, [H2S] goes up, [CS2]goes down and [H2] goes down.

and also, e) is no change am i correct?

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  1. I assume everything is a gas.
    You have 5 questions and one answer? Your answer is correct for part a, part b and part c. part e is correct. For part d the reaction shifts to the right so CH4 and H2S go down; H2 and CS2 to up.

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