Algebra1!Plz help I have test 2morrow!!!

so would the new eqaution be...

We know that y = x + 8.

So if x + y = 10, then x + x + 8 = 10.

but what about the y?ANd what do I do afetr that?

If you know what x equals, then you can calculate what y equals.

Once you've solved for x and y, you are done.

I need help bcause I don't understand and tommorrow I have test.

Use the Substitution method to solve the system of equations.

x + y = 10
y = x + 8

that's it?

yes, x=1
now put x=1 into either of the original equations, and solve for y.

x + y=10
1+y=10 solve for y.


thanx!can you help me with this one:

3x + y = 5
4x - 7y = -10

solve for y in the first equation...that is in terms of x. Then put this expression into the second equation..

4x-7(expresson for y here)=-10
then solve for x.

Put only one problem per thread please. Start a new thread if you have a new problem, it makes life simpler.

we get our report cards in less than 2 weeks and if im steel making a 66.4 i cant play b-ball

3x-4y=21 4x+2y=6 liniar combinations

how do i solve problems like that?

i need help know on -12q+4=8q-6

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asked by Sammy
  1. (Multiple Choice Worth 1 points)

    Find the product of (4x + 3y)(4x − 3y).

    16x2 − 24xy + 9y2

    16x2 − 9y2

    16x2 + 24xy + 9y2

    16x2 + 9y2

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    posted by Michael
  2. [6.02] Use the Substitution Method to solve the following system of equations.
    2x + y = 3
    -3x + 4y = 1

    (1, 1)

    (-1, -1)

    (1, -1)

    (-1, 1)

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    posted by nana

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