An acid HA has Ka = 2.28 x 10^-4. The % ionisation of this acid in a 0.170 M solution of the acid in water is?
An acid HA has Ka = 2.28 x 10^-4. The % ionisation of this acid in a 0.170 M solution of the acid in water is closest to
a. 2.930 %
b. 3.662 %
c. 2.564 %
d. 0.498 %
e. 0.436 %
f. 0.623 %

I got b for the answer.. but not sure for it.. please help, thanks !!

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asked by Cheryl
  1. I worked this in my head and b looks right to me. Hope I didn't miss anything.

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  2. Thanks! Really appreciate it!

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    posted by Cheryl

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