NorthWest Rebellion

What were the two actions that the government took to try and end the war? (hint-railway and ammunition)

I don't get this at all. Here is what a short section in my textbook says.

By the spring of 1885, the Canadian government was ready to call out the eastern militia. At the same time, the Manitoba militia started moving into the Northwest, and the Lieutenant-Governor of the North-West Territories banned the sale of ammunition in his jurisdiction. This meant that the Metis would not have any weapons if they decided to rebel. Ottawa's only force near St. Laurent, in the heart of the Metis territory, was Superintendent Lief Crozier's small group of NWMP officers at Fort Carlton. But Crozier did not think he had enough officers to fight the Metis.

I read through this, and I don't seem to get many of the points. And it doesnt say anything about the railway. Could I please ask for some clarification on this paragraph?

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asked by Emma
  1. If the Canadian government called the eastern militia to fight, they'd have traveled by train. The Manitoba militia also probably traveled by train to the Northwest.

  2. Oh Ok. Thank you. Please have a look at the List of Rights post.

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    posted by Emma

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