criminal justice 255

Describe and apply six law enforcement strategies from Chapter 6 of Defending the Homeland.

For each:

Label the strategy as proactive, reactive, or both.

Describe the strategy: What is it, and what is required to execute the strategy?

List the top officials or agencies involved in executing the strategy.

Referencing: Osama bin Laden’s militant manual, Studies in the Jihad Against the Tyrants - Determine whether the strategy may be applied to intelligence from the manual; if so, how?

#1 Coordinating a Menagerie of Agencies:

#2 Responding to Weapons of Mass Destruction:

#3 Responding to Biological Threats:

#4 Responding to Chemical and Radiological Threats:

#5 Law Enforcement and the Infrastructure

I appreciate any feedback I can get, I am stumped with reactive and proactive and the: 'Can this strategy be applied to Osama bin Laden’s militant manual?' I have 'most of the strategy descriptions and most of the agencies involved already.


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  1. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. I can at least help you with "reactive" and "proactive."

    First the situation happens and then you react with reactive. You do not anticipate any problems and do not plan ahead!

    First you think about all the problems and reactions that might arise from a situation in a "proactive" state. You plan ahead!

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  2. I need the answer

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