Could you please check these sentences,please? It's really urgent.
I made some changes and I would like to know if they are correct.

1) The interior monologue has the following features. First, it is immediate since it lacks the conventional syntax and it is free from introductory expressions.
2) Second, it doesn’t follow a chronological or a logical formal order of events and time is perceived as subjective. The rules of punctuation are not respected.
3) It is necessary to distinguish between three kinds of interior monologue.
4)In the indirect interior monologue the narrator never lets the character’s flow of thoughts without control, and maintains logical and grammatical organization.
5) The character stays fixed in space while his/her consciousness moves freely in time. The second type of interior monologue is characterized by two levels of narration: one external to the character’s mind and one internal.
6)In the third type of interior monologue the character’s thoughts flow freely, not interrupted by external events.

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asked by Henry1
  1. The first statement is not a sentence. Instead of a period, try a colon : the first is not capitalized.

    4 never has ... OR never lets...be without


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