Activity about Riel

Okay so after the outcome activity, there is another part to it, and it is to write a paragraph frm Macdonalds point of view defending the decision you hve made. keep in mind ur desire to look good politically and personally.

So am I defending the decision of Riel getting executed or do I choose one of my own choices from the above outcomes? Like for example could I choose Life in Prison?

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asked by Emma
  1. As I understand your assignment, you need to choose one of your own choices. Life (or 10 years?) in prison would be a good choice. How would Macdonald defend that?

  2. Okay will work on it tomorrow. Thanks Ms. Sue.

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    posted by Emma
  3. After I do the paragraph could you please edit it, cause my english is sort of bad.

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    posted by Emma
  4. kk

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    posted by kk
  5. ms sue was right

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    posted by etovey

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