Can someone please point me in the right direction on these. I have no idea what these mean. Thank you for any help.
In each of the following series, circle the phonic element that does not belong in this sort, and then give an explanation for your choice using appropriate terminology.

1. th, ph, wh, sk, gh
2. rid, gum, go, an, egg
3. too, how, toy, clout, boil
4. made, file, chance, boat, cheese
5. sm, sl, wh, dr, fr

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  1. 1. th, ph, wh, sk, gh
    All but one has the same second letter.

    2. rid, gum, go, an, egg
    All but one has a short vowel.

    3. too, how, toy, clout, boil
    All but one has two vowels together (diphthong).

    See if you can figure out the other two.

  2. Thank you so much Ms. Sue.

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    posted by suzanna
  3. You're welcome, suzanna.

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