Last paragraph. I wasn't going to post it, but considering how atrocious my last two were...

A fictional invitation with details about a party. Include: date, time, location/ apparel/ purpose of party/ gift ideas.

Estamos teniendo una fiesta de cumpleaños sorpresa por la gran sala. La fiesta sorpresa será este viernes por la noche a las siete de la tarde. Vestimenta casual se prefiere, traje de baño es opcional. Camisa y jeans, o un vestido será aceptable. Habrá música, baile y una piscina. Este partido será una gran sorpresa para el invitado de honor. Él ha pedido a los libros, zapatos, o el arte suministra como regalos.

We are having a surprise birthday party in the great room downtown. The surprise party will be this Friday at 7 o'clock in the evening. Casual apparel is preferred. Swimming suit is optional. Shirt and jeans, or a dress, is also acceptable. There will be music, dancing, and a pool. This party will be a surprise for the guest of honor. He has asked for books, shoes, or art supplies as gifts.

As always, thank you very much :]

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asked by Mina
  1. Please don't feel awkward about posting! We are always glad to help, especially when you have made an effort. I'm going to print this so I don't have to go "up and down" to read and post. I'll be back!


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  2. Estamos teniendo (or Vamos a tener/planeamos) una fiesta de cumpleaños que es una sorpresa en la gran sala en el centro. La fiesta improvisada será este viernes a las siete de la noche. Se prefiere vestido casual. Un traje de baño es opcional. Una camisa y jeans, o un vestido será(n) aceptable(s). Habrá música, baile y una piscina. Esta reunión/fiesta será una gran sorpresa para el convidado de honor. Él ha pedido unos libros, unos zapatos o unas provisiones de arte como regalos.

    Note that I tried to keep as much of what you wrote as I could. The word order has been changed to Spanish word order and some vocabulary has been changed. Always SIMPLIFY what you are trying to say, if possible, and it will flow better. You have a very good start. Some vocabulary: surprise party = una fiesta improvisada / apparel = vestido (always trying to use vocabulary that you have already had), guest = el convidado. Note the use of articles (definite/indefinite) with Spanish nouns. We omit that in English and therein lies some confusion.

    Assuming you have a good dictionary (Spanish--->English/English--->Spanish; there are many online if you do not), let me give you my lesson in “How to use a dictionary.” If you omit some of the steps, there will be problems!
    take the English word you need in Spanish and look it up.
    write down ALL the possibilities in Spanish.
    take EACH Spanish word and look it up in English for the primary meaning. No short cuts and there will be surprises!
    select the BEST word according to the context, or exactly how it will be used.


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  3. Thank you, I will try the dictionary step, I have never thought of it that way.

    You are so sweet, I hope you get paid for all you do on here!

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    posted by Mina
  4. We are all volunteers and happy to help serious students!


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