english grammar pls help me to correct my english

kindly pls,can you help me to have a good grammar for this word document I made for my exam below. thanks a lot.

my paragraph:

The most difficult task in creating word document is to compose according to what a paragraph to be use. Making words correctly but words spelling can be easy to correct since Microsoft word is too helpful for the spelling getting correctly. The most difficult one also is to make a different style or design in the paragraph using word document.
I can assess myself for 6 out of 10 in speed typing but for word spelling I can rate 8 out of 10 which is the highest one. Often time using word document can make more faster and high speed in typing this is the best way to make perfect in high speed and no one can be perfect in different fields without any practice.

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  1. You are doing quite well. There are a few things to point out to you, and then I'd like to see you revise and then re-post for us, okay?

    1. The program is called Word, and in Word you work on documents.

    2. I can tell you are still learning how and when to use English articles (a, an, the). I know it's not easy, so I'll post a website below that explains them well.

    3. I'll correct two sentences for you, and then I hope you'll work on the rest and let us know what your revised paragraph is like.

    My revision for you:
    The most difficult task in creating a Word document is to compose according to what type of paragraph is assigned: narrative, explanation, or description. Using words correctly is not always easy, but misspelled words are easy to correct since Microsoft Word has a spell-checker built in.

    Click on a, an, the <<good explanation and examples.

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