I apologize for my previous question, the one with paragraphs in Spanish. I obviously have no idea what I'm doing. They make sense in English, but I'm having a hard time translating to Spanish. Thank you, Sra, for attempting to help. :]

The first assignment is to write a letter feeling sorry for yourself and that you can't go out with friends because you must do chores.
Include: what each chore consists of/ where you do the chore/ a reason for doing the chore/ which you prefer more/ at least 5 different chores.

I can not go out this weekend. I have to stay at home and do my chores. I have to mop, vacuum, dust, do the laundry, and wash the dishes. My parents feel that I should help out more around the house. I do not mind using the vacuum, or doing the laundry. I dislike doing the dishes and dusting. I have to wash all of the dishes and do all of the laundry in the house. I also have to vacuum and dust each room in the house thoroughly. I do not enjoy having to do so many chores!

Second assignment is to critique a meal from a fictional restaurant.
Include: name of restaurant and description of service/ description of the meal each person had/ cost of different dishes/ recommendation for restaurant or particular dish.

We ate at an Italian restaurant called Lare. Upon entering, we were greeted kindly and sat down immediately. I ordered the Alfredo shrimp and sausage soup. The soup tasted amazing. The Alfredo shrimp was $14 and the sausage soup was $7. The others ordered Bruschetta with double tomato. Each plate was $10. While all of us felt the price per plate was expensive, the food was delicious. For dessert, we ordered Tiramisú for $6. All of us enjoyed the main course and highly recommend dessert. Overall, the prices were steep, but the staff and food were excellent. Each one of us would eat at Lare again. Highly recommended.

If you read all that, I'm impressed! Thanks again.

asked by Mina
  1. Of course I would read it all! BUT, may I ask...where is the Spanish now? Since I read each post separately, it's better if the English and then the Spanish (or vice-versa) is on the same post.

    Let me print the English that you now have and then I can go back and hunt for the Spanish.


    posted by SraJMcGin
  2. Oh my, I am such a If you have not found it, here is the link to the Spanish post from yesterday:

    jiskha. com/display.cgi?id=1305589873

    posted by Mina
  3. No puedo ir a ningún lado, tengo que quedarme en casa y hacer las tareas. Tengo que trapeador, aspiradora, el polvo, lavar la ropa y lavar los platos. Mis padres no creo que puedo ayudar lo suficiente en la casa. No me importa pasar la aspiradora y lavar la ropa. No me gusta sacar el polvo, fregar y lavar los platos. Se necesita mucho tiempo para hacer esas tareas. Me gusta utilizar el vacío. Tengo que lavar todos los platos y todos los de la lavandería en la casa. También tengo para limpiar cada habitación de madera dura. No me gusta tener que hacer las tareas tantos. ¡vaya lata!

    Nos fuimos a comer a un restaurante italiano llamado Lare. Al entrar, nos recibió amablemente y se sentó con nosotros abajo. Pedí salpicada alfredo camarones y sopa de chorizo. El camarón alfredo salpicada catorce dólares y la sopa de salchichas fue de nueve dólares. Los demás habían bruschetta de tomate doble. Esa fue una placa de diez dólares. Mientras que un par de nosotros sentimos que el precio por placa era empinada, la propia comida era muy deliciosa. Para el postre, cada uno de nosotros había pastel Tiramisú en cuatro dólares al sector. Todos disfrutaron de su plato principal y postre.En general, los precios eran altos, pero el personal y la comida fue excelente. Todos nosotros definitivamente comer en Lare de nuevo.

    posted by Mina

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