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what is the allusion in the passage

watching a debate would be boring." Kristin said. "I really don't think that's how I want to spend my Saturday morning. "Oh no Mary argued. I've heard some debated where words flew like verbal donnybrooks and were breathtaking as the last two minutes of an even up basketball game.
Ann agreed. The epithets these two teams filing at each other is something you must witness to believe. Besides, Kristin the topic is right up your alley; there debating the issue of environment versus jobs. "C'mon Kristin, Mary wheeled I personally guarantee that you'll be on tenterhooks during the entire debate.

a donnybrooks
b tenterhooks
c epithets
d no allusion in passage

I believe it's d is that correct?

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asked by mike
  1. I disagree.

  2. so it's donnybrook because it's describes from the past

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    posted by mike
  3. Right.

  4. not d

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    posted by lee

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