I really need help with this Essay question and I haven't got a clue. It is to do with Fitzgeralds "The Great Gatsby" please answer before Monday 6th November. Thankyou. here is the question: Through analysis of patterning, examine Fitzgerald's use of symbolism to highlight the corrupting influence of the desire for wealth on the American Dream. Evaluate to what extent such traditional values are shown to be irrecoverable.


There are several ideas in here you could expand on.

"Patterning" seems to be a term for the repetition of symbols or motifs throughout the story in order to create the effect the author wants -- mainly, to emphasize the greed in the story and greed's effects on the American Dream (however you decide to define that!).
(first definition)

Identify some of the "traditional values" presented in this story and describe how they are shattered by greed among these characters.

Those are my guesses about this assignment and how I would break it down in order to plan and write a paper.


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asked by Matthew

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