I left out the following sentences.
Thank you.

1) In particular, he uses allusions to thirty-five writers in six languages along with allusions to various philosophical and religious traditions.
2) April is described as the cruellest month since it "stirs" the dull roots of flowers and trees out of their winter sleep (I need to rephrase this, especially "stir).
3) Winter was better because it kept everything warm under the snow, which made forget life.
4) April is the first month of spring. Spring mixes memory of the past winter, when the vegetation was covered by forgetful snow, with the desire for a new life.

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asked by Henry1
  1. #3, I'm stuck on "which made forget life. " = which made one forget life? I'm not sure what you wished to say here = made life forgotten?

    #2 = awakens?


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