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1.Find the volume of a cube whose sides each measure 3.9. Round answer to the nearest tenth

2.Find the volume of an ellipsoid with a semi-major axis of length 9 and the first semi-minor axis has length of 5 while the second semi-minor axis has length of 4.5. Use ð = 3.14 and round your answer to the nearest tenth.

3. The volume of a cube is 3,944.312 cm3. Find the length of each side. Round your answer to the nearest tenth

4. Find the volume of a cylinder whose height is 5 in and whose radius of the base is 3.2 in.

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  1. 1. V = (3.9)^3 = 59.3


    3. V = 3944.312cm^3.
    L = crt(3944.312 = 15.8cm.

    4. V = pi*r^2h = 3.14*(3.2)^2*5 = 160.8in^3.

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