1. Which sentence is NOT correct?

A. Wishing he were someplace else, he walked to the podium to give his speech.
B. Having listened to the weather report, the principal will decide when to close the school.
C. The new French restaurant, with its fine cuisine, already has many customers.
D. Charging that U.S. policies had encouraged the revolt, the administration was criticized by members of Congress.

I think it's A?

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  1. To make best sense, modifiers (words or phrases) need to be as close to what they are modifying as possible.

    In A, the modifying clause is "Wishing...else" -- since "he" is the one doing the wishing, this is correct.

    Tell me about B, C, and D.

  2. Nope.

    Look for an error in tenses.

  3. C sounds right to me.
    D sounds right

    I'm stuck between B and A.

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    posted by anthony
  4. B - Who did the listening?

    C - What has fine cuisine?

    D - Who did the charging?

  5. the principal

    the French restaurant

    the administration

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    posted by anthony
  6. The administration criticized itself??

    "Charging..." = criticism

  7. Okay then it's D.

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    posted by anthony
  8. Yes. Who did the criticizing?

  9. members of Congress

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    posted by anthony
  10. Yes, and that "Charging..." phrase needs to be close to the word "Congress" not "administration."

  11. Here's another example of putting the modifier in the wrong place -- it's a headline on a TV news station's webpage:

    Child burn victim reveals motive in attack on deathbed

    He was attacked on his deathbed??

  12. yes that's definitely misplaced. Thanks!

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    posted by anthony

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