Determine if the following words are capitalized correctly. If the capitalization and presentation is correct, leave the word as it is. If incorrect retype the word correctly.

1. cherokee
2. pepsi-cola
3. American dental association
4. ADA
5. wednesday
6. winter
7. halloween
8. cape anne Eye clinic
9. Tom bucher, md

1. Cherokee
2. Pepsi-Cola
3. American Dental Association
4. no change
5. Wednesday
6. no change
7. Halloween
8. Cape Anne Eye Clinic
9. Tom Bucher, MD
10. Egyptian

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asked by Leslie
  1. All right! Great!

  2. 1.the child rode his bicycle to delaware street where an old model ford ran a stop sign and hit him. the accident occurred on may 8, last friday.

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    posted by petra

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