Find Theta in the degree measure for the indicated quadrant. Show the diagram.

cot (Theta)= -(Radical 3/1)in quadrant IV.

I got 240 degrees but i don't know how to do the diagram since 240 degrees is in quadrant III. How do you put this in a diagram?

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asked by Lisa
  1. sqrt 3 is greater than one, how can the Cosine be greater than one?

  2. Do i have to change it from cot to cos?

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    posted by Lisa
  3. oops. It is ctn. I read it as cosine. Duh.

    OK, ctn Theta= -sqrt3

    or TanTheta=-1/sqrt3

    but drawing a small triangle, that means the hypotenuse is 2, and cosine= sqr3 / 2, sin theta= -1/2 Well, I recognize sin=-1/2 as - 30 deg, so the quadrant IV angle then is 330.

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