Battle of the Seven Oaks

The Battle of Seven Oaks happened because of a shortage of Food. Okie.. So the whole trouble came to be because of the Pemmican, and because of Macdonnel. Because he was the one that drew the Proclamation. Selkirk was not involved in the war. He only claimed Rupert's Land. But since Macdonnel was the governor of the Red River Colony, how could they not have listened to his him? Semple was also involved in the fight because Macdonnel resigned as the governor of the Red River Colony. Cuthbert Grant led the Metis, and they won the war.

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asked by Emma
  1. Did I miss your question?


    posted by SraJMcGin
  2. Umm Im just collecting some bits and pieces of information on why the battle of Seven Oaks occured. Could you help?

    posted by Emma
  3. You're right, Emma.

    posted by Ms. Sue
  4. But since Macdonnel was the governor of the Red River Colony, how could the Metis not have listened to him?

    Why did Selkirk claim Rupert's land? Just to help support his fellow settlers?

    posted by Emma
  5. The Metis were proud of their heritage and wanted to continue making a living as hunters and trappers. They didn't consider MacDonnell their leader. He sided with the new Canadian government. The new Scotch settlers were more important to them than the Metis.

    Selkirk wanted desperately to find a good place for the Scottish people to settle.

    This fight went on all over the Americas. The natives had lived on this land for hundreds of years. And yet people from Europe took over their land and usually didn't even consider the native peoples.

    posted by Ms. Sue

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