Can you please check these few sentencens, please?

I went to John yestarday. OR I went to John's house yesterday.
Leave the school and cross the street. OR Go out of the school and cross the street?
I'd like cod (not a cod) with carrots.
The bus trip lasts (or will last) two hours.
a two-pack of yoghurt (with hyphen?)

Thank you

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asked by Henry1
  1. I went to John's house yesterday,
    Leave the school and cross the street.
    I'd like cod with carrots.
    The bus trip will last two hours.
    A two-pack of yogurt.

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    posted by Allyson
  2. Did you go to the person (1) or to his house? (2)

    Leave the school

    Yes, not the one in parentheses
    hyphen, not necessary because those 2 words are not modifying the noun


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