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SO this guy is going through depression because the job that he does is no longer brings happiness to him any more. He is an activist. One day he sat and thought that if he actually does achieve his goal will he be happy? His answer was no. This made him really depressed. What i cant figure out is the the symbolism he uses here:

At first I hoped that the cloud would pass away of (40)
itself; but it did not. A night's sleep, the sovereign
remedy for the smaller vexations of life, had no effect
on it.

Would the cloud represent oppressiveness or unpredictable influence of the speaker's ideas? What do you think?

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asked by Alliana
  1. The cloud represents his depression.

  2. yes but do u think the cloud would represent the oppressiveness of depression? That's what i think it is lol

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    posted by Alliana
  3. or wait it could be the idea that his job no longer brings him happiness so it could also be the second one

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    posted by Alliana
  4. I like your first idea. The cloud represents the oppressiveness of depression.

    He's already decided he wouldn't be happy in any other job.

  5. thanks for your opinion!

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    posted by Alliana
  6. You're welcome.

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