For my history class I have to do a research report about a social topic and I want to talk about cults. My teacher said to choose one and I chose Heaven's Gate. At first I was going to talk about the harmful effects of cults but after researching it, it was hard to find. A lot of it is a matter of opinion. So now I'm on the fence of what I should write about. What should my thesis statement be?

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asked by Jess
  1. You've learned a lot already! :-)

    These sites will help you develop your thesis statement.



    After you've decided on your thesis statement, we'll be glad to comment on it.

  2. I was thinking maybe it could be something like this:

    While the effects of a cult are a matter of opinion, it is important to realize that "mind control" is more of an unclear and incorrectly named reason for cult conversion.

    I don't know if this makes sense or maybe it should be more specific? I'm trying to say that mind control is not exactly true for cult conversion.

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    posted by Jess
  3. You wrote, "I'm trying to say that mind control is not exactly true for cult conversion."

    I think the bold part of what you wrote is the crux of what you're getting at. Please clarify the meaning of "true" for me, though.

  4. Not true as in mind control is not a valid reason for cult conversion. Does that make more sense?

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    posted by Jess
  5. OK, let's make sure I understand. Let me know if I don't, OK?

    Something like this ~ mind control is not always a factor in a person's conversion to a cult.


    Brainwashing and other forms of mind control are not always needed in order for a person to decide to join a cult.

    I have trouble with the wording "valid reason" or "true" because I'm not clear on the "validity" or the "truth" -- on the part of the person joining the cult? or on the part of the person doing the recruiting? or ... ?

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