area of a rectangle, i think?

Okay, so Spot the dog is on a 10 foot leash.
The leash is attatched to the CENTER of a 24ft by 8ft rectangular shed.

So basically, imagine a 24 by 8 rectangle, with a leash attatched to the CENTER of the 24in side. K?


A. Find the area in which Spot the dog can play.

B. If the leash we're attatched to the corner of the shed instead, how much MORE space does Spot have in which to play?

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  1. PLEASE!!
    someone, anyone help out!
    i'll be checking back frequently between now and tonight!


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  2. I think the problem needs clarification? Is the attachment for the two problems inside or outside the shed? When you say center of the shed, I think the center is inside the shed. Why do you think its the center of the 24' side vs the 8' side. And again, is that inside or outside.

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  3. the OUTSIDE.

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  4. It seems to me that the dog has a half circle for a playground. The radius of the circle is 10 feet. You'll need to find the area of the full circle and then divide it in half.

    If the leash were attached to a corner of the building, then the dog would have a full circle.

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    Ms. Sue
  5. if the leash were attached at the corner, visualize the 8 ft side extended.

    The dog could have the run of the following area

    1/2 a circle with a diameter of 20 ft, the 8ft wall being part of that diameter.
    In addition there would be another 1/4 circle with the arc ending at the 24 ft side.

    At the other end of the 8 ft wall there would be a 2 ft overlap so the dog could run for another 1/4 circle with radius of 2 ft.

    so we would have 3/4pi(10)^2 + 1/4pi(2)^2

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  6. okay, THANK YOU so much you guys. :]]

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