Okay so I have no clue how to determine if a relation is a function.
Here is an example can you tell me how to determine this? D:

Determine whether the relation is a function. {(-5,5), (-2,5), (0,5), (2,5)}

Thanks in advance

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asked by Cheryl
  1. a funcion has a one to one relationship.

    here, for each x, it maps into a single distinct y. Each x here maps to a y.

    Now, the reverse: is x a function of y? No, because for y=5, x can be -5, -2, 0, or 2. x is not a function of y.

    What if you had added the point (-5,4)? Then y would not be a function of x, because if x=-5, it maps into both 4, and 5. Not a function then

  2. Thanks

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    posted by Cheryl

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